3 ways obstacles help you become a better business owner

by | Jun 16, 2021

Jamie and I have been running our business for over 9 years now. Being married and running a business together presents challenges that are unique and that not all couples have to face together. 


From seeing each other way too much to not agreeing on how things ought to be handled. 


Because of being together so much, we have learned over the years that obstacles are our best ally. And that they exist to teach us the lessons that will deliver us to the other side of our goals. 


These obstacles may seem at times like they are your enemies and only out to get you or stop you from achieving the goals you set out to. When in reality they exist to teach you the lessons you need to learn in order to achieve your goals. 


Here are three ways obstacles help you become a better dog training business owner. 



Obstacles make your weaknesses glaringly obvious. Turning them into strengths.


When presented with a challenge the aspects of yourself or your business that are lacking will come into play. These areas should be paid close attention to so that you can address them and make your character and business stronger. 


It is those who weather the storm that are better for it. In order to do so we look at how we can improve to better handle the challenge before us. What process will make it easier to deal with? What people better handle what comes up? Are there automations that can help us to avoid the difficulties? 


After cultivating the skills and making the changes required to tackle the challenge you are left with a tool and skill set to better handle future challenges.  



Obstacles keep you uncomfortable.


Those businesses who become comfortable with everything and think that they have reached the top with nothing left to do or learn. Quickly fall apart. 


Life is meant to keep people engaged and challenged. Obstacles are a part of that challenge and are designed by your very goals to prove to you that you are not only worthy but that you are making the progress you set out to make. 


Business owners who are constantly raising their bar and goals are always in a state of discomfort. 


Will you be able to accomplish this? What will your peers say? What will your family and friends say? How much more work will you have to do? 


This process of discomfort is the very energy of growth preparing you for what is coming up next. After you accomplish the goal everything before that seems to become easy and second nature. 



Obstacles turn you into a champion.


Life without being a business owner is hard enough. Those who make it through life while also appreciating it are true warriors of their own right. 


Business owners who manage to create happiness and do so while building their businesses have become masters and tackling life itself. 


From unending responsibilities, to making every decision. Business owners do all the things employees do not want to do. 


This makes you care takers, stewards of other people’s livelihoods. It takes a champion with nerves of steel to represent that role in so many people’s lives. Your clients lives, your employees lives, your families lives and the families of all those you come into contact with.  


While they are safe at home after hours enjoying their lives. Your constant toiling, tinkering and problem solving is working in their backgrounds. This makes you a champion. 


So next time you find yourself faced with an obstacle that seems like it’s impossible or too big to handle. Remember! That obstacle is there for you to become more than you were yesterday. Celebrate that obstacle. 


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