7 Ways PocketSuite Can Help Grow Your Dog Training Business

by | Sep 1, 2023

PocketSuite is a booking app that many dog trainers find useful. We asked them to tell us more about their product, and here it is:

We know you’re busy training your furry clients (And we love you for it!). So, it’s extra important to have an app to manage your business. 

A good booking app should help grow your business while giving you more time to do what you love. But with so many platforms on the market, it can be “ruff 🐶” to find a good fit. Good news, we have an app we think you’ll love: PocketSuite!

In the article, we dive into PocketSuite, a highly-rated business app for dog trainers, and teach you how to use the app to grow your business. 

What is PocketSuite?

PocketSuite is all-in-one software to grow your dog training business. It offers intuitive features to automate business management tasks and communicate with clients. 

PocketSuite is mobile-first, so you have access to all our features on the go. From booking to payments to contracts, you can manage your business straight from your phone. 

Whether you’re a budding solo dog trainer or a seasoned pro with a team, we have solutions to help you attract and retain clients. 

Here’s how to use PocketSuite to grow your dog training business.

#1 Automate Online Booking

When it comes to scheduling clients, automation is a must. On PocketSuite, you can customize your booking site, so clients are free to book your services online.  

Depending on your settings, you or your client can confirm appointments within minutes. Your availability automatically updates to reflect new bookings. Just remember to set a buffer and lead time to give yourself (or your team) a breather between sessions.

We know a smooth booking process is essential to retain clients and increase your revenue. So, whether they’re looking for 1:1 training or group classes, your clients have total flexibility with scheduling. And you get more time in your day!

Here’s a tip: Attach forms and contracts to your services, so clients can fill them out or sign them when they book you for a session. That way, you’re ready to go on the day of the appointment. To help you get set up quickly, we created custom templates just for dog trainers.

#2 Fill your Classes 

PocketSuite makes it easy to manage class enrollment and get those spots filled. Set a class size, description, and location, then add the class to your booking site. You can offer a single drop-in class or a series of classes.  

Also, you can create multi-day or overnight services with our reservations feature. Reservations are perfect if you offer dog board and train services. 

With the right booking software, you’re sure to book more clients in your dog training classes.

#3 Accept Payments 

What is the best way to get paid quickly? Offer multiple payment options! With PocketSuite, you have the flexibility to accept payments on your terms. 

Clients can pay for your services online or in person. We offer multiple payment methods, like tap-to-pay and card readers. With multiple payment options, you can get paid faster and create a better experience for your clients. 

And, because your time is valuable, be sure to set a cancellation policy and fee in the PocketSuite app. That way, your client’s saved card will be charged automatically if they’re late or miss an appointment.

If you’re looking to grow your dog training business, you need to get paid on time. Send custom invoices, add items or expenses, and even schedule invoices so they’re sent to clients automatically. Remember to go into the app and set your payment reminder frequency.

#4 Sell products online 

When you’re a dog lover, you see dozens of ads for pet care and training products every day. As a trainer, you can flip the script and grow your business by selling those products yourself.

With PocketSuite, it’s easy to set up an online store to sell retail products to your clients. Simply list the products on your site, set pickup or delivery preferences, and get ready for fulfillment. Whether you’re selling dog training vests or pet food, you’re sure to see the orders come rolling in. It’s a great way to boost your revenue and build trust with your clients.

Here’s a tip: If you have products that pair well with a service, you can toggle them as add-ons in the PocketSuite app. This way, they’ll be upsold to your clients when they book you for a particular service. 

#5 Bundle your services

No dog trainer is the same, and neither are your clients. To grow your dog training, offer your services as a bundle that fits your client’s needs. With PocketSuite, you can bundle your services as packages.

With packages, you make more money from a single booking. For example, your clients will pay upfront for 5 at-home training sessions. Or, they’ll purchase a package for a mix of obedience training sessions and puppy classes. 

Feel free to add a discount to a package before listing it on your booking site.

#6 Text Marketing 

To grow your dog training business, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy. PocketSuite has tools that can help.  In the app, you can nurture and grow your client base with SMS text marketing. 

Text marketing is the easiest way to:

  • Solicit reviews from clients
  • Ask for referrals 
  • Re-engage past clients
  • Announce product promotions on your online store 
  • Send out seasonal service promotions 

With PocketSuite’s automated Smart Campaigns, you can connect with clients via text.

 #7 Streamline Client Communications

Client retention is key to growing a high-income dog training business. To keep your current clients happy and engaged, you’ll need to stay in touch with them.

Client communication is a priority. So, PocketSuite has advanced in-app client messaging. You see all communications and updates from your clients in the app. And you can even create and save message templates to share with clients quickly.

Also, be sure to take advantage of the dedicated business line offered to all premium subscribers. 

Can PocketSuite help my business grow?

Absolutely! PocketSuite is the all-one app to run a dog training business. You can schedule appointments, accept payments and get contracts signed straight from your phone. We have all the tools you need to grow a high-income dog training business.


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