Christina Schenk-Hargrove

From Strangers to Clients to Fans: The Role of Marketing and Relationships in Building Your Business [video]

Watch this recording of a conversation between Ryan Cartlidge of Animal Training Academy, and Melissa Breau on content marketing, online courses, and building a community around your business.

Do This, Not That: Website and Social Media Reviews [video]

Just finished a new website? Struggling to think of ideas for your social channels? Join Melissa for a short review of some best practices, followed by live reviews of member websites and social feeds!

Take More Time Off: How to Plan (and Actually TAKE) More Vacation [video]

Struggling to see how you can step away from your business for a day, never mind a week or more at a time? In this video recording, Beth covers how to handle scheduling clients, determining your vacation plan, and tips and tricks to keep things all running smoothly...