Here’s How Even A Busy Dog Trainer Can Get Back Free Time

We’ve all been there.

I know I certainly have — someone asks you what you do for a living, and you describe running your own business in a way that makes it sound downright cushy. You make your own hours! Unlimited time off! Only have to work with people you like!

…and you conveniently leave off all the “hard parts.”

You know, the long hours, overwhelming email inbox, and times when it takes 8 conversations just to schedule a single client lesson. The part where your boss (aka you!) has unrealistic expectations about how much can be done in a day. Oomph.

What is a swipe file? (And why you should have one…)

Creating new posts, articles, and content to market your business can be... painful. After all, let's face it — as a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. You're the bookkeeper, the dog trainer, the marketer, the customer service team and more. That means when you...

What Is Marketing? A Cheat Sheet for Dog Trainers

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Standing Out from the Crowd: How to Sell Online Services When COVID is Driving Everyone Online

Standing Out from the Crowd: How to Sell Online Services When COVID is Driving Everyone Online

What makes something stand out? Being different.

Right now there are many dog trainers who are all facing the same problem — they have received “shelter in place” or “stay at home” orders. So they’ve turned to online, and they’re working to offer online classes and virtual lessons… and they’re shouting about it everywhere they can online in an effort to keep some income coming in.

Of course, when everyone is posting and sharing and promoting their online classes, it can make it hard to stand out. It feels like a whole lot of noise. And then there’s you. How can you compete with all that?

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