Unleashing the Truth: The Best and Worst Aspects of Being a Dog Trainer

Being a dog trainer is a unique profession that comes with its own set of rewards and challenges. From the joy of witnessing the transformation of misbehaving pups to the frustrations of dealing with clients who won't pay, dog trainers experience a rollercoaster of...

Why your awesome photos won’t work for your website (and what will)

You get professional photos taken — and they are gorgeous. I mean, seriously. The photographer captured the relationship between you and your dog beautifully. Your hair is perfect, your make up is good, you managed to smile in that way makes you actually look happy...

How much should you charge for your services? Don’t guess, calculate!

Jamie Badial published this blog post a few years ago, but it's such important information, I wanted to share it again: Pricing Services Based on Data I think one of the most frequent questions that I receive is about how to price services and, in light of the recent...
Marketing: It’s Not All About Social Media

Marketing: It’s Not All About Social Media

It’s important to remember that dog training is a service industry. Unless you do online consulting, your customers are in your real-world community. One powerful way to boost your business, enrich the lives of your clients, and contribute to the well-being of the local pet community is through community engagement. By forming partnerships with local businesses, veterinarians, and community organizations, you not only expand your reach but also create a network that benefits everyone involved.

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