Considerations to make when buying a bigger property for dog training

by | Oct 11, 2021

Jamie and I recently purchased a larger property to grow our business and life upon. 

The decision to purchase was the easiest part.

Our business offers board and train services in our home environment, classes taught in a local pet store and private in home training lessons.

When the demand exceeded our capacity we immediately started thinking about purchasing a larger property.

We did our best to envision what that might entail. Asked around for what people thought was important for us to consider. Consulted lawyers and real estate professionals.

Even in doing all of that. We were still unprepared for what purchasing a property actually meant for our lives.

Had I known what I know now. I would have planned to be able to financially take more time away from offering services to be able to organize and care for the projects that are required as a part of this journey.

That won’t be possible for everyone but if you can, definitely save more than required so that nothing you do hits you like a financial bag of rocks.

Our relationship with our bank and lenders has become very tight. From the need of additional fencing to the cost of materials for the walls on the training center being built, to the tractor that’s required to take care of the land and projects.

In the process of going bigger you will need things you never thought you would need.

The landscape projects you might want to hire a professional to do. Could be the money you need to buy a tractor and do it all yourself. (Because with land. You will need a tractor!)

It’s easy to dream of all the awesome possibilities with the new land. To come up with great ideas. The first year to 3 years is not the time for your wonderful ideas to run away with you.

Stability in your operations and adding one new service at a time is the only way to go.

Could you do more all at once? Sure. You could. But you would be inviting disaster into your life.

We are weeks away from electricity in our training center, days away from needing to mow over 5 acres of grass and minutes away from needing more coffee.

If you’re planning on going bigger. Take the time and really plan it out. Map out everything you can possibly think of and put it down on paper.

The better you do this the more prepared you will be.

Then when you planned it all out. Show it to someone. Let them look at it and suggest what maybe missing.

If you are about to purchase a larger property. Please ask your questions here. We’d love to help you. If you need further help. Reach out to us for consulting.


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