How To Sell Your Dog Training Services Without Feeling Sleazy

by | Jan 19, 2024

This is a topic we have covered before, but it’s a big issue for small business owners like dog trainers.

In the competitive landscape of dog training, selling your services is a crucial skill that can make or break your success. However, the idea of selling often conjures up images of pushy tactics and sleazy maneuvers. The good news is that selling doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, authentic selling can not only boost your business but also help you build meaningful relationships with your clients. In this post, we’ll explore strategies to sell your services without feeling sleazy.

1. Know Your Value:
Before you can effectively sell your services, you need to understand the value you bring to your clients. What problems do you solve for them? How does your service make their lives easier or better? If you are like most dog trainers, you got into the business because you want to help dogs and their people. Knowing your value allows you to communicate it confidently and authentically, steering clear of any icky feelings.

2. Understand Your Client’s Needs:
Authentic selling is rooted in empathy. Take the time to understand your client’s pain points, challenges, and goals. Ask questions and actively listen to their responses. When clients feel heard and understood, they are more likely to trust you and your services.  When you know that you can help them, offering your services is a benefit to them, not a favor you are asking them to do for you.

3. Build Relationships:
Selling is not just about making a one-time transaction; it’s about building lasting relationships. Focus on creating connections with your clients by being genuinely interested in their success. Share your story, and let them get to know the person behind the business. This humanizes your brand and makes the selling process more authentic.

4. Educate Rather Than Persuade:
Shift your mindset from persuading clients to educating them. Provide valuable information about your services, and how your solutions can benefit them. When clients feel empowered with knowledge, they are more likely to make informed decisions, and you become a trusted advisor rather than a pushy salesperson.

5. Be Transparent:
Honesty and transparency go a long way in building trust. Clearly communicate what your services entail, including any limitations or potential challenges. Transparency fosters trust, and trust is the foundation of authentic selling.

6. Offer Solutions, Not Just Products or Services:
Rather than focusing solely on the features of your services, emphasize the solutions they provide. Demonstrate how your offerings address specific problems your clients are facing. This approach showcases the real-world benefits of your services and positions you as a problem solver.

7. Provide Value Before Asking for a Sale:
Before presenting your services, provide value to your clients. This could be in the form of free resources, helpful advice, or educational content. By demonstrating your expertise and generosity upfront, you create a positive impression and make it easier for clients to say yes when the time comes to discuss your services.

Selling your services as a dog trainer doesn’t have to be a sleazy endeavor. By focusing on your value, understanding your client’s needs, building relationships, educating rather than persuading, being transparent, offering solutions, and providing value upfront, you can sell authentically. Remember, authentic selling is about creating win-win situations where both you and your clients benefit, leading to long-term success for your business.


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