Moving the needle in your dog training business

by | Mar 15, 2021

As dog trainers we have more to do and more on our minds when there are more clients, classes and appointments. 


There are some goals that we go after with jet fuel in our veins and then burnout when either we don’t see quick results or when we actually get what it was that we were looking for. 


It then becomes easy to sit down at night and reflect and feel like we are not getting anywhere at all or not getting there fast enough. 


When it comes to finding your way by using a map, a compass and land navigation, being off by 1 degree over the course of hours and days can take you miles off course. 


Having the wrong idea about how long something takes is the same as being off by 1 degree in land navigation. 


You begin to focus on the wrong things and before you know it you are further away from your goal than you were when you started. 


When you want to move the needle in a meaningful way you cannot fall to the idea that “It should have been here yesterday.”. 


Real lasting progress takes time and it’s worth being patient for. 


Let’s lay out 5 ways you can be sure you are moving the needle in a meaningful way. 


Are you burning out? 

Using burn out as a gauge for how you are approaching your goals can be a powerful tool. If you are burning out, it is likely one of the following will help you. 

  • Can I delegate this task to someone else? 
  • Is this really what I want to be doing? 
  • At the end of this. Is my life better and how is it better? 
  • Have I really planned this out in an attainable way? 

Have I checked to see if someone else has done this?

  • Recreating the wheel will cost you time and money. 
  • Being able to work with someone who has already made that leap will save you a lot of energy. 
  • Feeling less alone will provide you confidence that what you are doing is possible. 
  • Set time aside to check for existing businesses like yours. Reach out to them or your network to connect and learn. 

Are you receiving feedback from clients? 

  • Listening to clients will provide you with a great deal of good information. Some of it will create more work for you. A lot of it will be positive testimonials that you can re-energize on. 
  • You will see opportunities to improve your business as well as to make additional revenue from clients who need your continued services. 
  • Review your feedback process and put some time into it. Build it if you don’t have one. 

Do you have a hobby away from your business? 

  • Yes spending time on your favorite hobby will help you move the needle in the right direction. You need to allow the world to teach you through fun means the same you do with the not so fun. 
  • The energy you get from your hobby will feed the progress you wish to make in your business. 
  • Changing it up allows you to remain excited about life. 
  • Set a day for yourself. Then actually take it. 

Are you spending time with your loved ones?

  • A lack of sufficient time in this area will lead to you constantly feeling like you are “not enough”, “not doing enough” and any of those other terrible things that come from neglecting your responsibilities. 
  • The love from your wife, kids, parents or family is a major part of why we are doing what we are doing. So why not enjoy it while they are here? Allow their love to fill you up while you are on your business journey. 
  • Create your family care routine and lean into it. Be sure to express your love for your loved ones. 



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