Solopreneurs – Interview with Ari Zorn

by | Dec 14, 2020

As small business owners, we are often isolated from our peer group of other business owners.  This feeling of isolation and figuring it out on our own was exacerbated in 2020 by the effects of the pandemic.  While Facebook groups like “DTU: Marketing & Running an R+ Dog Business” can help to provide a sense of community, I was inspired this summer to reach out to other small business owners and talk to them about their industries and their stories, to see what I could learn and pass on to you. I recorded our conversations and want to share them with you here.  I had a lot of fun asking questions, finding similarities and hearing about lessons learned. Be forewarned: the recordings are unedited and low tech, more for listening to than looking at, but you may learn from the shared experiences.

The first in the series is someone close to my heart, and someone who is an engaging conversationalist. Ari Zorn is a personal trainer and former restaurant owner, and we talk about everything from the pandemic, to the differences in businesses that require employees, to the role of race in his choice of career and much more.  I hope you are inspired.


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  1. Tama Zorn

    I so enjoyed that! This program is endorsed by Ari’s Mom!


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