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by | Jul 5, 2021

A few years ago when I asked trainers about their sales process. I would likely be met with an eye roll and a “what sales process?”

Now most trainers are comfortable with the idea that they have to sell their service if they are to run a successful business. 

Not all trainers have taken the time to really think through their sales process. 

DTU has worked hard to change the culture of trainers from one fearing the idea of being a business owner. To one where being a business owner first and trainer second is honorable and what’s best for everyone involved. 

We are seeing trainers go from broke to planning vacations and growth. This trend is likely to continue with the way things have gone during the pandemic. 

This in part is because Dog training business owners are doing a great job of creating business processes.

Where we go wrong 

One area I see trainers fail in their sales process specifically, is by not putting together their marketing and sales as a cohesive message. 

Turning the intangible into tangible

When selling a service we are attempting to make the intangible, tangible.

We are taking a concept and making it real in the clients mind in order for them to sign up with us. 

The client must be able to envision what their life will be like when the service provided is complete.

Think of the experience of a potential client. 

One day they realize they have a need or a problem with their dog. 

Then they do an online search, they may ask around their friend groups or they consult other professionals for referrals.

Then they either land on your website, email you, message you or call you. 

Your ability to speak to a potential client through your website, convey what it is you do, how it is you do it and how it fits their needs. Is a major difference maker between having an easy sales conversation and a hard one. 

Crafting that consistent message on your site and in your sales scripts will help potential clients feel familiar with you. It will help you feel more confident in your message. It will also weed out those clients that you might now wish to work with. 

How to fix it

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself about your sales process so that you can streamline your process.

Is the messaging in my marketing and sales congruent?

Does my messaging do a good job of answer initial engagement questions? Those questions are… Do I like the way this service feels? Does this service address my needs? How do I find out how much it costs?

In your sales message do you address the same questions everyone asks?

Do you have a clear way to decide what service the client needs and why?

Start answering these questions and creating solutions for any questions that come up with a “no” answer and you will be on your way to streamline your sales process. 

Where do you feel you need improvement in your sales process? 



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