The 5 Pillars That Support a Successful Dog Training Business

by | May 15, 2024

We advise many dog trainers on how to grow a successful dog training business. Over time, we have distilled the important information into five categories that every business owner needs to embrace. Here they are:

A Business Mindset. 

You are no longer “just” a dog trainer, you are a small business owner! You must know how to set business goals, avoiding burnout, the legalities of owning a business, and more.

Programs & Pricing.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that more time with clients = more money, but eventually you run out of time to sell. You need to learn how to design programs,  add value to what you offer and create programs without losing all your free time.

Knowing Your Numbers.

Understanding your business finances is key to running a successful business. You need to understand topics like accounting, taxes, software and more, as well as what numbers you really need to keep an eye on and how often you should review them.

Making the Sale.

Imposter syndrome is REAL. But you need to feel confident in yourself and what you are selling in order to make the sale. Because as cringy as the word “sales” is, that’s what you are doing. You’re selling your services to help pet owners and their dogs live better lives together. You need to learn how to feel good about your sales process, and how to build a smooth sales flow into your business.


Now that your business is ready to go, you need to get clients. Marketing brings awareness of your business to pet parents, and gets them started in your sales process. You need to plan the path you want your clients to take from the moment they hear about you to becoming a long term client.

Where to get help

if all of this sounds like a lot . . . it is. But, help is here! We have designed an online course that teaches you the basics of each of these five pillars, PLUS gives you access to our online group of where you can ask questions, get recommendations, and share wins with us, the professionals and founders of Dog Trainer’s Umbrella, and a group of like-minded supportive dog trainers learning to be business owners just like you. Check out the course at, or join our free Facebook group DTU: Marketing and Running an R+ Dog Business.


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