Why Sales Feels Sleazy and How to Avoid That Feeling

by | Mar 23, 2020

Nearly everyone has been on the other end of “that” sales conversation.

You know the one. 

The one that feels like you’re being pressured into buying something that you are not even sure you want.

The usual example is that of a used car salesman. For many years people felt like used car salesmen were people who are just trying to prey on the weak. Or how about that salesperson you know is all about making money, and not about how you feel?

So what is it? What is it that makes sales feel so sleazy and inauthentic?

Authenticity and Sales: Why it matters

Authentic stems from the Greek word “Authentikos”. Its meaning was principal or genuine. 

When we as people are working with someone who is trying to sell us things, we are looking to them as a trusted adviser to help us make a decision that may greatly impact our lives. If that person has a lack of principles or no genuine qualities, we will feel a misalignment.

Now let’s for a moment think about a salesman that made us feel great. 

How did we feel when we were interacting with that person? Take a moment and really think about how you felt.

For me, I felt like they really knew what I wanted and that they truly cared for my needs. I felt a passion for what they do. I was able to relax because it felt like they were in control of making a difficult decision for me. 

I know that if I do not trust a person, I will not risk allowing them to make any decisions for me. 

Know, Like, Trust: The differentiators when it comes to sales conversations

We throw around the words “know,” “like,” and “trust” a lot in this business.

There’s a reason for that.

How likely are we to allow someone we do not know to make a decision for us? If we do not like someone, are we going to purchase something from them? If we get to know someone and realize we do not trust them, are we gonna move forward and work with them?

When one of these things is missing in an interaction with a salesperson we are going to feel uneasy about the transaction.

So how does this help you to sell your dog training services?

When we are talking with potential clients we want to become their trusted adviser. We want them to feel safe in making a difficult decision with us and trusting the safety of their family in our care. The beautiful thing about this is that it turns the sales process into a process of relationship building.

Any time I have ever done things with money as the top priority, it has failed to work out. 

When I go into sales conversations with the clients’ best interests, genuine care for their family and wanting to improve their life as my top priority it works out more often than not. 

Spend time learning how to place the needs of others above your own while maintaining your credibility and character. When you work on this art you turn sales conversations into enjoyable interactions with human beings looking for your leadership. 


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