Contract Templates for Online Dog Training Classes

Taking your classes from in-person to online means thinking through liability issues and media release as it relates to online content.

Make sure you’re covered if your client has technical issues, if something goes wrong on their home while you can’t be present, and if you want to record lessons and reuse that content in other ways.*

4-Pack includes contracts for Online Behavior work, Private Lessons, for Group Classes, and COVID-specific disclosure form. Sale price for a limited time only, courtesy of the pandemic. Non-discounted rates are $44.95 per contract or $119.95 for all 3 options.

* The information provided is not legal advice. If you have any questions about these forms, your contracts or liability waivers, please consult with a lawyer.


Options for Group Classes, Private Online Training, and Behavior work.

How it works:

When you purhcase the contract(s) you’ll receive an email with a link to a Google Folder that will prompt you to “Create a Copy.” Clicking this button will copy all materials to your personal Google Drive account. 

From here you can customize the documents as needed. Placeholder text marks out the pieces of content you will need to customize for your business.

You'll receive a customizable google form for each contract; you can use this to gain consent from clients.

You also get a Google Doc you can customize and then request clients sign, date, and return the file to you.

Templates created by an attorney specializing in pet businesses and dog training.