To LLC, or not to LLC, that is the question

What are the pros and cons of forming an LLC for your dog training business if there are only one or two owners, no employees? While there are benefits to an LLC, the time, expense and complexity may outweigh the benefits until the business grows big enough.

How To Sell Your Dog Training Services Without Feeling Sleazy

This is a topic we have covered before, but it's a big issue for small business owners like dog trainers. In the competitive landscape of dog training, selling your services is a crucial skill that can make or break your success. However, the idea of selling often...

It’s More Than Bricks and Mortar: Crafting a Safe and Welcoming Dog Training Environment

Creating a training environment isn't just about teaching dogs to sit or stay; it's about fostering an atmosphere where both dogs and their owners feel comfortable, supported, and eager to learn. Customers who feel comfortable in your business space will be happy to...
Work Smarter Not Harder

Work Smarter Not Harder

Join Jamie and Melissa to talk about the various ways you can be more efficient with automation and technology! We'll talk about: Automating your Client Workflow Templating Your Emails What should go in your templates (and tools you can use!) The role your email...

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