Stay-at-home was hard…

But re-opening Post COVID doesn’t have to be.

~ Don’t go it alone ~

Join a group of like-minded trainers who are all on the same journey, reopening a dog training business post-COVID.


Does this sound like you?

Most of the dog trainers we talk to are working through some hard questions right now…

Should I reopen in-person class registration?

What do I do if a client gets sick?

I LIKE the downtime I've had lately... What can I do to keep that going forward?

How do I make up for all the income I've lost lately?

What if we reopen and then have to close back down?

And… What ELSE do I need to worry about?

If this sounds like you, we want to help. So we sat down and broke the core decisions dog trainers need to make into three categories:

  • FINDING the gap, where you take stock of where you are right now, looking at how COVID has impacted your business and evaluate what lessons you’ve learned.
  • FILLING the gap, where we triage the biggest issues for your business right now — the things that need to be decided so you can overcome analysis paralysis and make real decisions to move your business forward. 
  • CLOSING the gap, where we’ll layout plans for the future, so should another emergency strike, you’ll be starting from a better place. This will include evaluating changes to your service offering (Online classes long term? New client focus?), long-term work-life balance, and planning out your finances so you can feel confident about your business.

So we built a package packed with tools to help you make smart choices as you navigate these decisions and build a better business going forward.

Find, Fill, and Close the Gap Post-COVID

with Jamie & Michael Badial, Melissa Breau, Christina Hargrove, and Liz MacHaffie

We’re the team beind Dog Trainer’s Umbrella. And we’re working to overturn the myth that dog trainers have to choose between doing what they love, and making a good living.

Our team is made up of a unique combination of talents — the Badials are proof that it’s possible, running a 6-figure dog training business; Liz’s business is new, only a year old, and she’s already booked out weeks at a time; Christina provides legal expertise to dog businesses, and can help ensure your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed; and Melissa focuses on all things marketing — helping you build a regular demand for your services, so you can be successful. 

We’ve tapped all of those skills to build out the FINDING, FILLING, and CLOSING THE GAP Post-COVID package. That means you get a variety of expertise to help you set the right course, then to work with you as you implement it for ongoing accountability and support.

Finding, Filling, and Closing the Gap Post-COVID

Here’s what’s included in our Post-COVID Package

We’ve broken down all of the decisions ahead of you, created a plan for navigating your way through them, and coupled that with a system for on-going accountability and support.

Then, we added in our existing tools designed to help dog trainers get through COVID — our contract pack, a bonus waiver you can ask clients to sign to ensure if they get sick you won’t be held accountable, and our done-for-you social media pack, so that you can check one more thing of your to do list.

It’s a rough world out there right now — but we believe as positive dog trainers, we need to band together and leverage this time to build businesses that can make a real impact on training worldwide. 

Value: $60.00

Post-COVID Webinar series via fb live

Included in this package are all 3 of our upcoming Post-COVID Facebook Lives, available exclusively by purchasing this package.

FINDING THE GAP on June 9, FILLING THE GAP on June 10, and CLOSING THE GAP on June 11. More on each of these below.

All 3 Facebook Lives will take place inside the Trainer’s Growth Group Facebook group.

Membership in Trainer's Growth Group

Reopening and recovering post-COVID will take time — and we want to make sure you don’t have to go it alone. 

Trainer’s Growth Group (TGG) is our paid membership program for dog trainers where we provide support and a system to help them stay accountable as they build their business. As part of the Post-COVID package, you get a 3-month membership to TGG.

Value: $97.00

Contract templates: 3 PacK + Bonus

We’ve also included our Contract Templates for Dog Trainers. This is a bundle of 3 contract templates:

Online Behavior Work template to ensure you’re covered if working with behavior cases virtually, Private Lessons template for one-on-one work with non-behavior case clients, and a Group Classes template for students taking group lessons.

We’ve also included our NEW: Liability Waiver template, to help you ensure you’re protected in case a client were to get sick.

Value: $119.95

Social Media Update Pack

Also included is our done-for-you social media update pack.

Want to keep your clients engaged and feeling supported? Want to boost your social media game? Do just that with these pre-written Facebook posts!

Fun, easy, and unique! Challenge clients to try a “down-stay dance off!” Get them interacting with “Show and Tell Tuesdays” and “Fun and Games Fridays.”

We’ve included posts on 5 themes, one for each day of the workweek, for 4 weeks. You can just copy and paste! (You can also customize to fit your style.)

All posts are stay-at-home friendly.

Value: $7.00

Setting the Course

Here’s what we are going to cover…


June 9, 2020 at noon ET. 

Where we will help you take stock of where you are right now to determine what you and your business each need financially, why so many trainers struggle with “feast or famine” income, and extracting lessons learned from COVID. The Live will be recorded for those who can not make that day/time.


June 10, 2020 at noon ET.

Together, we’ll triage your business to decide what you need to do right now to get your business healthy. If you determined during “Finding the Gap” that you need your business to make more, or to change your pricing, then here is where we’ll decide how to make that happen. We’ll talk about communicating with your clients, protecting your business legally in the time of COVID, using your PPP or EIDL loan/grant productively, and more. The Live will be recorded for those who can not make that day/time.


June 11, 2020 at noon ET.

Finally, we’ll transition from planning for the immediate future to planning for your longer term goals. We’ll focus on what you need to do to set your business up for success, how to achieve a better work-life balance, and how to build a sustainable living as a dog trainer. The Live will be recorded for those who can not make that day/time.


Plus, you’ll get 3 months Trainer’s Business Growth Group…

Our paid membership program for dog trainers who want accountability and support. 

Trainer’s Business Growth Group is the industry’s only memebership program that includes mentorshop from industry experts. We’ve designed the group to empower positive dog trainers to grow their business — and their impact. 

The group is focused on understanding industry best practices and then taking ACTION, so you can make things happen for your business. It’s designed to meet trainers like you where you are, and help you get to where you WANT to be.

It isn’t a course — we don’t give you a ton of content or theory to consume. It’s not another thing to add to your to-do list. 

Instead, it’s support when you need it, focused on helping you prioritize and shrink your to-do list by replacing “busy” work with real projects that move your business forward. It quickly becomes the go-to group for members whether making a hard decision, seeking a second opinion, or looking for new ideas.

Here are just a few messages from members in the last year…