Dog trainer’s business survey 2021

Ever wonder what works  for other dog trainers?

See what over 200 other dog trainers made, what services they offer, and what they thought of a multitude of marketing techniques — including what worked, what didn’t, and more.

Looking for new dog training clients?

Marketing can feel overwhelming — there are so many options and it often feels impossible to know what will work and what won’t.

You do NOT have time or money to waste on marketing tactics that won’t get you results.

That’s why I decided to survey over 250 dog trainers to ask them what they’d found effective (and what they’d tried that didn’t work out so well).

Now you can download the results…

Letting you skip the things that don’t work and implement the techniques that do!

70% of respondents had over 5 years experience

Those included in this survey aren’t new to dog training — in fact, 29% of them have been in business for at least 5 years, with 40% in business 10+ years!

We share the most successful & Least successful tactics...

Included in the guide are all 11 tactics ranked by popularity AND by success rates, so you know what worked, what didn’t, and how often people tried those techniques.

Plus: our analysis of the data for REAL takeaways

In this report we share both the raw data, so you can look at the exact information we collected AND our analysis of that data, providing you with takeaways you can actually use.

Learn which marketing tactics work best for dog trainers like you.

I surveyed over 250 dog trainers on the marketing tactics they’d tried… and how effective those tactics actually were. Then, I compiled those result in an easy-to-read report. And now, that report is available to help you save time and money marketing your business.