Together, we can accomplish more

We have ONE mission: to help you grow a thriving dog training business without the overwhelm. We help positive dog trainers create actionable goals and provide the support and accountability to make sure they meet them while growing their business — and their impact!

You can make a good living training dogs… you just need a little help!

Working for yourself doesn’t have to be hard and lonely — that’s why Trainer’s Growth Group is about mentorship, motivation, support, and accountability. When you join, you’ll get real, practical business advice from successful dog trainers & business owners who have tried it all, failed, and learned from their experiences.

Trainer’s Growth Group is for you if…

…You have a vision for your dog training business but you can’t see the steps to achieving it (and not having a clear action plan is costing you your dreams!).

…You’ve done every free training you’ve come across, accessed resources, and religiously follow threads in business Facebook groups but you’re no closer to having the business you dream of.

…You’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of advice out there — and aren’t even sure what to work on first, or who to trust.

Generic business advice is for generic businesses — and you’re anything but!

Trying to cut through all the online noise can be frustrating, and following advice at random might be harming your business in the long term.

After all, just like each dog that we work with, each business is unique.

When you join Trainer’s Growth Group, you’re joining a close-knit community of like-minded peers to bounce ideas off of and guide you along the path to success.

You can have the business of your dreams!

Trainer’s Growth Group is the industry’s first membership program that includes mentorship from experts. We want to help you bring kind and effective dog training to as many clients as you can.

The group is great for dog trainers at any stage of their business — whether you’re just starting out, looking to stabilize where you’re currently at, or working toward growing.

We are prepared to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

This is a group, not a course. We don’t just give you a lot of content or theory to consume. The group is there when you need it but isn’t another thing to add to your growing to-do list.

In fact, the whole point is to prioritize and shrink your to-do list by replacing busy items with real projects that move your business forward. Or to have a sounding board for new offerings, projects, or problems.

Having a go-to group of trusted professionals who genuinely care about you and your business is priceless.

Joining the Trainer’s Growth Group community will gently push you beyond your comfort zone to accomplish more, faster in a space where you can feel safe to make mistakes and be vulnerable.

Our Team

Jamie Badial

Pet Business owner, CPDT-KA + Marketing expert

Michael Badial

Pet Business owner, CPDT-KA

Melissa Breau

Marketing expert


Attorney + CPDT-KA

Beth Ogasian

Pet Business Owner, CPDT-KA


Having a support system that encourages you to grow with care and compassion

Your business growing in a way that is intentional and purposeful – creating meaningful impact on the world and serving the people who really need you

Waking up every day knowing your to-do list is full of tasks that are actually growing your business and not just busywork

Feeling confident enough to go LIVE on social media, create a successful ad, launch a new program, or dream a big dream

Being able to take a day off – or even take a vacation! – without stressing about marketing, clients, or money

What our members are saying…

What’s included?

Support & Encouragement

Above all else, this group is about supporting and encouraging positive dog trainers to grow their skills — business and otherwise!

Monthly Webinars & LIVE learning

Each month we present on topics related to your business and how to increase efficiency, profits, and more.

Accountability to Get Things Done

Our threads help keep you on track by stating your goals so that you’re more likely to achieve them. They don’t just become another incomplete task on your to-do list.

Goal Planning — and Action!

We will help you create clear goals, determine which ones are most important, and execute an action plan to meet them.

Quarterly Business Planning Workbook

Paired with a live “do it with you” call, we’ll take a look at what you’ve accomplished in your business and set goals for the quarter ahead to keep you focused and growing.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Bi-weekly Zoom calls are where you can get a little extra personalized help and coaching with whatever challenges you are facing in your business. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues.

Access to Previous Content and Webinars

We’ve accumulated a library of helpful webinars and posts including webinars for lesson planning, email & task automation, dealing with difficult clients, a “swipe file” of email templates for new inquiries and follow-ups, and so much more!

Collaboration with Your Peers

Joining the Trainer’s Growth Group gives you access to a community of other business owners who know what you’re going through — because they’re also experiencing it! Get and give advice, bounce ideas around, and collaborate on building your dream business.

Some topics we routinely discuss in the group:

Creating profitable programs for your services

Ways to market your business to get more clients

Advertising on FB and Google the right way

Marketing strategies & analysis

Structuring your private lessons, day training, group classes, or board and train

Creating videos & online programs

Effective social media strategies

Client communication methods

Email marketing & automation

Hiring and managing employees

And much more…

Trainer’s Growth Group

Monthly – $37 / Quarterly – $97 / Semi-Annual – $187

We have one mission — to help you grow a thriving dog training business, without the overwhelm.

With the support and guidance of a group of highly motivated business owners just like you, you’ll learn how to set and achieve actionable goals that get you out of the grind and move you toward running the business of your dreams. 

Our bi-monthly group coaching calls give you the opportunity to get personalized feedback on your business or a training question. Weekly goal setting & accountability threads keep our members on task working on the things that really grow their business and cuts down on busywork that keeps us stagnant.

If you need a business bestie (or a couple dozen) who celebrate your wins, motivate you to move forward, or pick you up when you’re down then Trainer’s Growth Group is for you!

* Membership automatically renews according to the plan selected. To cancel your membership renewal, please contact us at least 2 business days before your processing date. *

Monthly – $37

Quarterly – $97

Semi-Annual – $187

Together, we can accomplish more!

Join other highly ambitious dog trainers like yourself on this entrepreneurship journey.

Have questions? Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does membership cost?

The cost of membership is $37/month with a monthly membership, but we also offer Quarterly Memberships and Semi-Annual Memberships at a slightly lower price. The last two options are more popular because most of our members know they plan to stay for the long haul!

How do I join?

Easy! You will want to activate your membership by clicking here and then request to join our Facebook group here. Make sure you answer all questions when requesting to join.

What if I want/need to cancel my membership?

If you decide you no longer want to be a member, just email or message a group admin and let them know you would like to cancel your membership. You will remain a member through the amount of months paid for in your last billing cycle.

Do I need to already own a business to join?

No! We get members who have owned their business for years, as well as members just getting ready to start a new business! The benefit of joining before launching your business is you can start your business with less trial and error and more confidence than many trainers, because you have a whole group of mentors to support you!

Is TGG only for dog trainers?

While we focus on dog training businesses, if you feel your pet business needs some support and guidance, TGG can help!  Just keep in mind that our general membership consists of dog trainers, so most threads will be training business based, but the advice can easily be modified to fit other pet businesses.

Where Is the TGG community located?

Our community is in the form of a Private Facebook Group. We tried a different platform in the past, but found most members were on Facebook more regularly and therefore we have more member engagement.

Can I be a member without a Facebook account?

Unfortunately, our private group is located on Facebook. At this time, a Facebook account is required to access the group.

I’m Introverted and don’t like video calls/posting online… will TGG still work for me?

YES!  We understand that just like our canine learners, everyone is going to be different. We have members who join calls just to listen, but prefer not to talk or be on video, and that’s OK. We also have members who just like to read the threads but typically don’t comment or start their own threads. We also always let our members know, you can always contact an admin and ask them to post a question for you, or ask them to bring up a specific topic during a call. That being said… we are a friendly and very welcoming group, with lots of introverts, and most members eventually feel comfortable enough to join in on the conversations.