Christina Schenk-Hargrove

From Strangers to Clients to Fans: The Role of Marketing and Relationships in Building Your Business [video]

Watch this recording of a conversation between Ryan Cartlidge of Animal Training Academy, and Melissa Breau on content marketing, online courses, and building a community around your business.

Do This, Not That: Website and Social Media Reviews [video]

Just finished a new website? Struggling to think of ideas for your social channels? Join Melissa for a short review of some best practices, followed by live reviews of member websites and social feeds!

Take More Time Off: How to Plan (and Actually TAKE) More Vacation [video]

Struggling to see how you can step away from your business for a day, never mind a week or more at a time? In this video recording, Beth covers how to handle scheduling clients, determining your vacation plan, and tips and tricks to keep things all running smoothly...
Work Smarter Not Harder

Work Smarter Not Harder

Join Jamie and Melissa to talk about the various ways you can be more efficient with automation and technology! We'll talk about: Automating your Client Workflow Templating Your Emails What should go in your templates (and tools you can use!) The role your email...

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